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5 Ways to Save Time AND Create More Content Than Ever

9:48 am|0 Comments

Guest Post by Max Greene, Managing Director at Muffin Marketing  One of the biggest problems marketers and small business owners face when managing their blogs is time. Chances are, you have 101 ideas for new content for your website, but finding the time to sit down and put pen to paper is a whole different story. [...]

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing Misconceptions [Video]

9:44 am|0 Comments

Yes, I'm guilty. Guilty of promoting the importance -- nay, the necessity -- of producing interesting, original content for business owners who want to nail online marketing. I go on and on about the amazing results you'll see from consistently publishing blog posts and promoting your content. I, and other marketers like me, shout from the [...]

  • Video Marketing Facts

127 Video Marketing Statistics Infographic

8:34 am|0 Comments

I love facts and statistics, and this infographic of 127 video marketing facts created by the folks at is no exception. 127 facts = a LOT of information in one place. A Helpful Video Marketing Infographic This colorful and artsy infographic shares the history of video marketing on the internet. It starts with the first online [...]

  • SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting: How Your Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher for Free

4:33 pm|0 Comments

SEO Copywriting Services:  How Your Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher for Free SEO copywriting isn't usually the first thing business owners think about when adding a content writer to their team. Of course, they know they’ll be hiring someone to write blog posts, web pages, ebooks, and emails. But SEO copywriting is a whole other area [...]

  • advertising techniques

Wildly Inappropriate Examples of Persuasion Techniques in Advertising

9:00 am|0 Comments

These ads are outdated and horribly inappropriate - but they used solid persuasion techniques that still work. I was enjoying a little amusement over at reading "23 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today" when I noticed something. Yes, these ads are wildly inappropriate, bigoted, politically incorrect, morally wrong and highly offensive. Some [...]

  • Optimize Contact Page

4 Ways to Optimize Your Contact Page

1:56 pm|0 Comments

Don't slack off on your contact page! Make it easy for customers to connect and stay in touch with you. For many agencies, contractors, and small businesses, your website’s contact page is one of the main pages you’re trying to drive visitors to. You design your entire website to get visitors to do one [...]

Be A Better Content Writer and Marketer

10:23 am|0 Comments

How to Be a Better Content Writer and Successful Content Marketer Ever wish you had an instruction manual to help you become better content writer? Here is a list of tips curated from industry leaders to help you write and create content that attracts leads and inspires action. Of course, writing content is only part [...]

Three Easy Strategies to Write About Complex Topics Without Boring Your Audience

12:54 pm|0 Comments

Strategies Anyone Can Use to Write Effectively About Complex Topics How to write about difficult subjects without totally boring your audience. Just because a topic is complicated doesn't mean it's impossible to explain. It doesn't have to be a snoozefest, either. Suppose you manufacture a tiny plastic component that fits [...]

  • create content

Create Content that Works: Case Study and Blogging Statistics

9:44 am|0 Comments

Case Studies and Blogging are the Top Marketing Tactics for Businesses Create Content that Works Content marketing is no longer an option for companies who want to stay competitive. Answering questions, solving problems and entertaining people is how companies connect with consumers. It's also how businesses sell to other businesses. 60% of people are inspired [...]

  • blogging helps businesses

The Importance of Blogging to Increase Traffic, Attract Leads and Build Relationships

7:30 am|1 Comment

Blogging Statistics that Prove How Blogging Boosts Your Business If you haven’t got a blog on your business website yet, or if you’ve let your old one slide into oblivion, you’re missing out on a key marketing tool. Blogs build a strong online presence for your company. The internet is Main Street in the business world. [...]

  • business blogger

Why Businesses Should Hire a Copywriter

3:35 pm|2 Comments

Hire a Copywriter to Ensure Your Website is the Smart Marketing Tool It's Meant To Be The chief reason businesses should hire a copywriter is because a good copywriter knows how to position your business in the minds of consumers to make the most favorable impressions. One of the worst mistakes you can make is throwing [...]

  • content writer

Content Creation: Increase Value by Knowing Why People are Online

10:30 am|8 Comments

Whether you’re a fun brand that likes to joke and play with bright colors or a serious company that cares about the latest scientific breakthroughs, odds are a great deal of your communication with customers is happening online. Your web pages, blog posts, social media posts, videos, photos, and all online content is designed to communicate [...]