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Case Study Writing Services

First and foremost, case study writing services don’t always need to follow a predetermined formula. Case studies are highly flexible. The solutions an interior designer provides are worlds different than those of an environmental engineer. Of course, their case studies will vary, too.

That being said, well-written case studies generally follow a broad format that includes:

Pricing for Case Study Writing Services

Pricing for case study writing services vary. Factors that influence the final cost include:

  • The topic’s complexity
  • How many people I need to interview and whether you want transcribed copies of the interviews
  • Expected turnaround time and formats

You always get access to me, your personal copywriter, at all times.

You will be continually updated as the case study progresses.

Case studies require solid facts and figures to show how you excel at making customers happy.

I thoroughly research your business, your industry and the case study topic to design the most compelling case studies.

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I sincerely appreciate that you trust me with your most precious asset:  your customers.