Why You’re Not the Best Writer for Your Website

It’s said that a great way to attract the right clients is to be genuine. Be yourself when writing content for your website, and authenticity will emanate from the screen like pheromones, drawing clients in with wit, charm, and whatever juju you’re throwing out there. Odds are, though, you need help to accomplish all that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you’re amazing at what you do. I'm sure you put [...]

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5 Tips to Write Better Blog Posts

Blog posts and website content are your main online communication tools for connecting with clients. When people download an ebook, purchase a product, sign up for newsletters, share your content or engage in any type of online interaction, you've accomplished the hard work of relating to them in a meaningful way. Here are 5 tips to write better blog posts that engage site visitors. All these tips, not coincidentally, are areas where [...]

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Copy Edit This! by The New York Times

I can think of no better way to spend a few free minutes than using the time to take a super-fun copyediting quiz! Get your editor hats on and pencils sharpened. The New York Times offers periodical quizzes for readers to correct errors the venerable publication actually printed. Fun, right? I know! Here is a link to the latest quiz: Copy Edit This! by The New York Times  Enjoy!

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Sneaky Worthless Words and How to Kill Them

When we write, we must do the hard work of conveying meaning in a way that is interesting and easy to read. That means knowing when to delete worthless words. We can't leave it up to readers to wade through our muck. They won't. With precious little time and short attention spans, they'll move on and find something else they like better. As an editor, I see several worthless words and [...]

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