Five Ways Fiverr Can Help You Start a New Business

Starting a new business can be liberating, exhilarating, and full of opportunities to learn new things. But it is rare that a person can readily slip into the many roles required to make a new business flourish. Accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, promotion, web design, content creation, social media marketing, information technology, software, hardware, security, legal concerns – the list goes on and on.

It certainly can be fun to learn new things, and entrepreneurs must be ready and willing to dive in headfirst to accomplish the many different jobs that are all part of creating and maintaining a successful business. At some point, however, most business owners encounter a function that absolutely needs to be performed but is completely out of their wheelhouse.

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Don’t Do It Alone

In certain endeavors, it just doesn’t make sense to try to be something you are not. Some tasks, such designing a logo, are one-time jobs that require skills far beyond the talents and abilities of, say, roofers, writers, or realtors. Other roles, such as handling taxes or creating legally binding contracts, are ongoing and require a specific type of education or skill set that isn’t something you should learn from Google.

Fiverr is an excellent resource to find people who can fill those ongoing roles and perform those one-time tasks that all come together to make your business a success.  Fiverr is a fabulous community of business professionals and creative artists who offer their services, or “gigs,” starting at $5 for each specific task.You can find people who will create a video, write a contract, design a company logo and more on Fiverr. And, Fiverr‘s low cost fits perfectly in the tight budgets of most start-ups.

1. Logo Design

Company logos are visual communicators.

Company logos are visual communicators.

A company’s logo is a visual statement that can subtly affect buyers’ emotions and buying decisions. Large corporations are known to spend thousands, even millions, of dollars crafting their logos, while Twitter spent $15 for its little blue bird design. On Fiverr, you can choose a designer to create a logo for $5 to $10. Or, for about $100, you can have four or five different designers create several options to choose from.

Creative professionals on Fiverr use graphic design programs and vector and photo libraries to create designs that simply can’t be made using Microsoft Paint or other basic software. Plus, you can build a relationship with a talented designer who you can come back to for other work, such as web design projects.

2. Web Building and Design

Find people to help build a professional website.

Find people to help build a professional website.

Every business, small or large, must have an online presence through a website, at a minimum. Most consumers (97%) search for products and services online. People expect to be able to thoroughly learn about a company through its website.

Domain names are cheap, web hosting is just a few dollars a month, and WordPress is free and easy to use. But what about making your site user-friendly? How about search engine optimization? Do you know how to add ecommerce capabilities? Professional designers on Fiverr know how to handle these things and more, all while making your business look good as they do it.

3. Administrative Assistance

Hire a pro to do administrative tasks.

Hire a pro to do administrative tasks.

Technology makes much of the business world automated. Many business owners simply don’t have a need for a full- or even part-time administrative assistant. But who can’t use a hand here and there? Data entry, transcription, research – almost any type of assistance you might need is available from experienced pros at Fiverr. You can hire a virtual assistant for as little as $5 for three hours of valuable time.

4. Contract Writing

Create legal contracts and agreements.

Create legal contracts and agreements.

Many businesses rely on contracts to outline their terms of sale or services with customers. Professional attorneys can cost hundreds of dollars an hour, and generic online forms can be too basic. For $5, you can buy a contract package that provides the contracts you need to get your business started.

You can even hire virtual in-house counsel for a set time frame such as 15 hours during which a legal professional will provide the contracts and written policies necessary to get your company off to a great start.

5.  Promotional Videos, Animation, Marketing

Smart, talented marketers are available at Fiverr to create extremely useful and personalized information that will expertly communicate your business’s value to customers. Information using many different media channels helps attract and engage an audience while creating a brand customers can relate to and authority they can trust. With services priced so low at Fiverr, you can afford to shop around until you find the perfect team of marketing professionals for your business.


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