12 Visual Principles for Design-Blind People [Infographic]

Visuals. Artwork. Images. Call ’em what you will – they all present a huge challenge for me.

I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know how many to use, where they should go on the page, what colors are appropriate in which situations, or what fonts are really saying about who I am.

That stuff is for designers. People who know what line, space, color, form and texture are all doing on the same page together. People who don’t litter their websites with random boxes, mismatched fonts, next to no white space, multiple backgrounds on the same page, and color schemes that look like they come from a bad 1980’s sitcom rerun. (Guilty, guilty, and more guilty!)

I’m totally design-blind. So when Visme sent me 12 Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Non-Designers Needs to Know, I knew they were speaking directly to me.

Their clever infographic doesn’t go into mind-boggling detail about design principles I don’t really care about. They simply show you what works and what doesn’t. They let the contrast between the “before” images and the “after” images do the talking in a clear, succinct way.

Enjoy Visme’s infographic for its beauty and simplicity. Hopefully, it will help you with design as much as it does me!

Infographic Visual Design Elements
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