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Copywriter, Content Writer, Editor

Writing is worthless if people can’t see past the back of their eyelids to read it.

As a freelance copywriter and content writer, I write blog posts, emails, ebooks, landing pages, case studies, and other content expertly crafted to:

  • attract more potential clients to your website
  • compel readers to take action and engage with your business
  • help build trusting relationships with customers by showing how you provide solutions to issues they care about.

Most importantly, my writing accomplishes your goals in an engaging, educational and entertaining way.

My journalism background trained me to use storytelling techniques in my craft, sharing what I learn through writing that is interesting and easy to understand.

I find the story in every product, service or idea and highlight themes that are important to readers. Making an emotional connection, establishing trust, and showing how you bring value to their lives motivates readers to take action and engage with your business.

Proud member of Freelancers Union

How We’ll Work Together for Your Marketing Success

If you’re a business owner looking for a writer to up your marketing game, we can work together to identify your target audience and build a strategy for consistently writing educational, entertaining, and informative new content your target audience wants to read. Regularly publishing a variety of fresh, relevant content on your website helps you rank higher in search results and reach your target audience. Hand over the stress and hassle of coming up with ideas and writing content. Relax while I give your business a clear voice that rises above the internet clamor.

If you’re a business owner who needs more than “just a writer,” I can help pull together a highly skilled digital marketing team or connect you with the perfect agency to meet your specific needs. I am connected with a network of accomplished visual artists and marketing professionals who are proficient at providing any video, web design or programming, advertising, or digital marketing services you may need.

If you’re a business owner who already works with a marketing agency, I can save you some cash by writing your content. Many businesses pay marked-up fees for the written content their agencies provide. Meanwhile, those agencies pay a much lower price for the exact same content. Stop all that nonsense. I can serve as your personal content writer, which can reduce the overall amount you pay your agency while ensuring the writing you send out into the world speaks directly to your audience in your voice. I’ll even work directly with your agency on your behalf if you’d like. Agencies are used to this arrangement. I know, because:

Marketing agencies count on me to consistently provide fresh, engaging content for their clients – on time every time and error free. Agencies also rely on me to serve as an integral part of the team when creating, launching, and managing marketing campaigns. If you’re a marketing agency, I know you are exhausted trying to find talented, reliable writers who don’t suck. I can be the creative spark, the knowledgeable marketer, and the serious grammarian your team needs to reach the next level of marketing genius.

How you and I work together is really up to you and what role your business needs me to fill.

The goal is to create winning content for you, and there are many ways to reach that goal.

One sure thing is that:

Partnering with me allows you to get back to doing what you do best: Running and enjoying your business.

Keep reading to learn about my writing experience and more about how I write content that helps bring your business success.

If you’re ready to start on a new, improved content marketing path that leads to increased leads and sales for your business, get started by contacting me today!

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People will discover they need your services through the ebooks, emails, case studies, blog posts and website content we create.

I also make sure they want your services, which ultimately seals the deal for you.

I create in-depth, compelling marketing content by:

My Experience as a Freelance Copywriter, Editor, and Content Writer

I worked for 20 years in professional business settings in my past life, first as a legal assistant and ultimately as a law firm office manager. I graduated in 2011 from college magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I received two awards from my university’s communication department for excellence in journalism.

While still working in the legal industry, I wrote articles that were published in print publications such as Cincinnati Business Courier and Louisiana Seafood News. After opting to become a full-time freelance writer, I wrote articles and blog posts published in Pets Plus magazine and in blogs such as those at Let’s Kill the Noise and Blue Kaboom. I have ghostwritten many blog posts for a variety of businesses.

You can read some of my selected writing here. You can read more of my writing at my extended Portfolio on Contently.

I created and maintain this website and The Big Blue Blog. I volunteer my writing and website editing skills to the fine folks at Cincinnati Exchange Project.

I also created and maintain a hobby site called Tough Toy Pros. At Tough Toy Pros, my partners (meet them below!) and I write blog reviews of dog toys. I use our personal experience and collect reviews from other consumers to create our opinion. I then show you how well a toy stands up to aggressive chewing.


During college, I began writing feature-length articles for news publications and magazines. I wrote articles on various topics such as:

  • seafood sustainability
  • real estate industry trends
  • SEO and social media
  • emerging trends in technology
  • profiles of businesses and people


As they say, content is king in the online world, where there are tons of opportunities for a talented writer like me. (Yeah, I know, toot toot, right? But just look at all the words on the internet. Somebody has to write them.) 

I started working with marketing agencies writing blog posts and web content for various businesses. I’ve written in-depth posts on topics such as:

  • Digital and inbound marketing
  • CEO Email Fraud
  • Typography
  • Blockchain technology
  • E-commerce trends in Europe
  • Indoor air quality
  • Dog beds, flea and tick control, dog training
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fuel efficiency and CAFE standards
  • SEC’s whistleblower program
  • Veteran suicide rates
  • WordPress plugins
  • Neuroscience

And many, many more. The point is, I know how to do seriously in-depth research to thoroughly understand the industry I’m writing about. I write well about a wide range of topics.

I’ve helped many businesses in many different industries effectively communicate with their target audiences.

Meet The Team

When we call or video conference, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting the whole team!

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Professional Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

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