SEO Copywriting: How Your Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher for Free

SEO Copywriting Services:  How Your Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher for Free

SEO copywriting isn’t usually the first thing business owners think about when adding a content writer to their team. Of course, they know they’ll be hiring someone to write blog posts, web pages, ebooks, and emails. But SEO copywriting is a whole other area where a talented copywriter can help a business thrive online.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting involves optimizing the writing on your website in ways that make readers and search engines happy and like your site more.

SEO copywriting goes a step beyond producing persuasive and interesting content to also convince search engines to rank your website higher in search results by: 

  • focusing on specific word choices (keywords)
  • using keywords in the right places
  • writing valuable content well
SEO copywriting goes a step beyond to convince search engines to rank your website higher. Click To Tweet

I’m not going to rewrite the book on SEO copywriting when it’s already been done so well by the folks at Authority Hacker in their free SEO Copywriting System .

In Authority Hacker’s SEO guide, you can read (with fascination and awe!) about some of the many technical details that go into how search engines rank websites in search results. Their guide also shares ways efficient and effective copywriting helps you reach the first page of Google’s search results for free.

I’m writing to show how the strength of your copywriter’s ability to communicate effectively and skill in working with SEO elements greatly affects your site’s rankings in search results. Copywriting is not just about writing blogs and sending emails. Copywriters also help you excel at being found online and engaging readers with great SEO copywriting.

SEO Copywriting:  Behind the Scenes Factors That Help Your Site Rank Higher

Keywords, Titles, URL Slugs, Metadata and the Yoast SEO plugin

In their SEO guide, Authority Hacker promotes the Yoast SEO plugin for helping writers focus on SEO factors. I wholeheartedly back that recommendation. I’ve used Yoast for years and find it invaluable at analyzing my SEO efforts and pointing me in the right direction when I could improve.

Yoast is super simple to use and very thorough. I’ll use it to show you SEO copywriting in action.

You can tell Yoast what keyword you are trying to rank for, and it will analyze your blog post or website page for it. It will let you know areas, such as headlines or at the beginning of your post, where placing your keyword would help your SEO efforts.

Here is Yoast’s analysis of an article I wrote where my focus keyword is “copywriter.” The green dots indicate areas where my SEO is good to go. The red dots indicate areas where I could improve.

SEO Copywriting Yoast analysis


Reading Yoast’s analysis will tell you everything you need to do to improve the SEO on your copy, from modifying image alt attributes to the length of your titles and frequency of keyword usage.

This is what your copywriter is – or should be – doing behind the scenes to help your website rank higher in search results and get found by more people.

(Again, for more details on any of the factors Yoast is analyzing, check out Authority Hacker’s SEO Copywriting System.)

SEO Titles, Slugs, and Snippets

Another Yoast feature is being able to edit metadata, including the page’s or post’s SEO title, slug, and snippet. These three factors are SUPER IMPORTANT because they are what is shown as a preview to searchers in search results.

Slugs and snippets sound like creatures out of a Dr. Suess book, don’t they? But people decide whether or not your site is worthy of a visit based on this information alone.

SEO Copywriting

It can be difficult to craft a well-written, succinct, yet thorough snippet for your page or post that is also interesting and persuasive. That’s a lot of requirements for a single line or two to accomplish! This is where your copywriter’s skills can be put to the real test to help you get more site visitors. Leave these factors unattended or poorly written, and your site could be headed for the no-man’s land of page two (or worse!) of search results.

SEO Copywriting Speaks to Search Engines and Readers

Headings and Subheadings

A well-crafted blog post or article includes headings and subheadings. You’ll see above that Yoast analyzes these for the presence of keywords. That’s because search engines such as Google and Bing don’t read your entire article line by line, from left to right, like people do.

Heck, people don’t even read your article line by line, left to right, either. They scan.

Search engines are scanners, too. They read your headings and subheadings before they read and interpret the article’s body. SEO copywriting involves strategically crafting headings and subheadings so that they not only include keywords you’re trying to rank for, but they also make people want to continue reading down the page.

Good copywriters are strategic with their headings and subheadings every time they write a post.

Good copywriters are strategic with their headings and subheadings every time they write a post. Click To Tweet

SEO Copywriting Attracts Site Visitors and Keeps Them Engaged

The headlines you use matter. How long your content is and how strong your writing is matters.

These are key factors in attracting readers and in keeping them on your site, clicking and reading more. Search engines pay attention to how long people remain on your site. They deduce that if people are staying on your site for a long time, your content must be providing value to them. Therefore, your rankings will naturally improve.


Headlines on blog posts and landing pages, as well as the subject lines in the emails, are critical. They are your one shot at grabbing people’s fleeting attention and getting them to click.

The generally accepted advice is for copywriters to spend as much time crafting a headline as they did writing the entire article. That type of effort is well-placed considering:

Content Strength

Interesting headlines draw eyeballs to your website. Strong copywriting keeps them there. 

The writing on your website and social media is the voice of your business. Bad grammar, poor sentence construction, and boring subject matter kill customer engagement. You might as well hang it up if you’re not able to talk to your audience in a strong, confident voice while portraying the value you bring to readers.

A great copywriter helps you with that. Yoast can help here, too! It also analyzes your page’s readability.

SEO Copywriting Readability

I told you Yoast is awesome! By the way, you don’t have to earn solid green dots from Yoast across all areas all the time. Not unless you want to publish one blog post every six months while you try to get everything about it absolutely perfect! 

Content Length

The importance of content length has been analyzed and debated high and low with great minds saying long-form content matters most and ranks higher. Meanwhile, equally great minds say, eh, it’s not as necessary as everyone makes it out to be.

It seems contrary to say both that people’s attention spans are diminishing quickly AND they prefer to read blog posts that are 2,000+ words. How does that mesh?



It turns out that what matters most is value. You should use as many words as you need to provide value to your readers and no more.

If it takes you 621 words to help a customer determine which tent is best for his arctic adventure, then stop there. Don’t jam in 1,400 more useless words because someone said you’d rank better if you did. You won’t because nobody will stick around and read a bunch of words that don’t matter to them.

Producing content of varying lengths is a happy medium. This includes long-form content, which does do well in search engine rankings and gives your site authority and credibility. Assuming the content is well-written and useful to readers!

A good copywriter will trim useless fluff from your content. He or she will ensure your message isn’t convoluted by making each blog post speak directly to one of your buyers’ specific needs or concerns. She’ll make sure your content varies in length, not because of some arbitrary rule, but because different topics are naturally discussed at different lengths.

SEO Copywriting: Your Secret Weapon

You can definitely lean on your copywriter to boost your inbound marketing efforts with compelling emails, educational blog posts, and entertaining social media posts. But copywriters aren’t limited in how they can help your website grow and improve. A great copywriter will also write strong SEO copy that gets you noticed online, helps you reel in site visitors and convert them into customers.

SEO Copywriting: How A Great Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher in Search Results
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SEO Copywriting: How A Great Copywriter Helps You Rank Higher in Search Results
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