127 Video Marketing Statistics Infographic

I love facts and statistics, and this infographic of 127 video marketing facts created by the folks at Websitebuilder.org is no exception.

127 facts = a LOT of information in one place.

A Helpful Video Marketing Infographic

This colorful and artsy infographic shares the history of video marketing on the internet. It starts with the first online video ever. We’re talking from back when a computer was a blocky, stationary instrument that hogged as much space in your room as a recliner or a drum set, depending on your groove (1994). The in-depth timeline progresses through video’s teenage years, ending with 2016’s launch of Facebook Live.

Next up are demographics of people who like to watch online videos, followed by statistics on video’s usage. Those stats include usage on social media. You can’t properly evaluate anything online without looking at social media! Want a 10x increase in the sharing of your Facebook posts? Add video. Photos are nice, too, but if you want your Tweets to be shared up to 6x more often, better use a video.

On to the “Marketing” Portion of Video Marketing

After you’re properly introduced to online video and you’ve learned how much people enjoy it, it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes portion of the infographic:  the video marketing data.

Learn how brands are using videos to drive marketing success. Find out how video marketing has grown through the years and how much growth is predicted in the future.

Check out case studies and comparisons of video marketing with other types of marketing. Take a look at video’s conversion rates and how video performs on mobile, and soon you’ll see just how much video’s got it going on.

That’s pretty much the whole point of the infographic:  Video’s always been a game changer, and marketers know it brings high value.

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Video Marketing Successes

Keep scrolling down the infographic. There’s even more information about video marketing’s value in commerce, email, and remarketing. The infographic highlights several big brands’ successes with video marketing. All in all, it gives you a clear vision for how video has worked for many, how it will continue to work, and how successful video can be for YOU. Enjoy!

Video marketing statistics
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