Why Businesses Should Hire a Copywriter

Hire a Copywriter to Ensure Your Website is the Smart Marketing Tool It’s Meant To Be

The chief reason businesses should hire a copywriter is because a good copywriter knows how to position your business in the minds of consumers to make the most favorable impressions.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is throwing up lackluster descriptions of your capabilities on your website and thinking, “Eh, well, people will get the gist of it.”

Oh yes, they will get the gist of it. The gist of it will be that you either don’t care or don’t know any better. Neither of these gists make people want to click the “Contact Us” button on your site. Instead, people back out of your website like the dead end it is.

I know, I know, you hired a designer to spruce up your website. Now it does all sorts of fancy things. That’s really swell and all. First impressions are vital, especially online.

But a pretty picture can take you only so far. People start looking behind the gloss and the glitter. They expect to find solid, quality information backing it up. All the beautiful design tricks and fancy imagery in the world can’t counteract the negative reaction people experience from reading bad copywriting on your website. 

The image you project through the words on your website makes a deep and lasting impression. Your blog posts and social media shares show your value and personality in a powerful way. Here is a list of reasons it’s smart to hire a good copywriter to help you communicate professionally: 

Copywriters Write the High-Quality Content You Need to Share Online

Times have changed. Two things happened. Well, more than two things happened. For our purposes, though, two relevant and related things happened:

First, the internet grew up. It went to college, graduated, and got a professional job.

hire a copywriterThe internet grew through its teenage years as people spent more time researching and engaging with businesses online. Then, the young WWW became a full-fledged adult when Google changed its algorithms to prefer long-form, high-quality content. 

Businesses, of course, noticed these changes in a big way. Companies have been and continue to invest heavily in spreading awareness of their products and services through digital marketing. 

Companies are now spending more on digital ads than television advertising for the first time ever. The trend is only going to increase. It makes sense to meet people where they are.

As if to prove my point, as I was smack in the middle of writing this article, I received an email from the Content Marketing Institute telling me about “More Big Companies Investing in Original Content.”

The second thing that happened is, like an adorable little brother, social media got all smart and mature, too.

You can’t just share the ramblings of your mind on social media, no matter how brilliant or pithy they may be. You’ll have to save that stuff for happy hour these days.

You need to provide value to your followers on social media. Humor them and entertain them, yes, but also answer their questions and educate them on subjects where you’re the expert.

To do this, you must also provide links to useful information in your tweets and posts to followers. The useful information is found in – you guessed it – blog posts you can share over and over again. 

Blog posts are an investment.

Well-written posts with evergreen content can be shared multiple times across various social media. Some of the most valuable content on the internet still drawing new looks today was originally published months ago.

Blog posts that gain more traffic over time are known as “compounding” posts because they provide compounding value.

HubSpot’s research of business blogs found that generally one out of 10 blog posts provides increasing value over time. One of the best ways to create compounding blog posts is to answer questions and explain topics for a wide segment of your audience in your blogs.

Reporting on a bit of self-analyses, HubSpot revealed that 75% of its post views and 90% of its blog leads came from old posts. This is how blogs are an investment.

You don’t have to create a ton of content and hammer out new blog posts every day. You do have to create quality content to survive with a grown-up internet.

Copywriters Write Content People Trust

People buy from companies they trust. A good copywriter uses words that reach through the screen and make an emotional connection with the reader. How does this magic happen, you ask?

It’s simple. It’s about value. I use that word a lot because it matters a lot. Value is at the core of your online marketing. A good #copywriter knows how to show your value many different ways. Click To Tweet

In a nutshell, people go online to find answers. If you are the one who provides those answers, you’ve provided value, and people get a warm, fuzzy feeling for your business. Awww!

copywriter key

Answering customer questions is the key to providing value.

That’s it. Really. Sure, there’s all sorts of search engine optimization goodness involved with content marketing. But at its core, creating content is about reaching your customers online by providing them with solutions to their problems.

Top marketing guru and influencer Neil Patel says, “Your content needs to accomplish two goals: first, appeal to the end-user [customers, clients, prospects, readers, etc.] and second, solve a particular problem.”

Every time you have a question or are struggling to find an answer to some vexing situation, where do you head? Like everybody else in the free world, you head to Google.

Google listens to the hordes of folks searching its indexes every second of the day. (Seriously, Google processes 40,000 searches every second.) Google is a business like many of us. It wants to provide the best, most relevant information to people’s questions.

But Google doesn’t actually have all the answers. It just finds them and sorts them out for us. YOU have the answers. Your smarts and your wisdom are what people are searching for online. If you’ve written a helpful blog post or web page that shares a bit of your expertise and solves people’s problems, that’s exactly the item Google is looking for to serve to people.

Copywriters Build Brand Authority

Populating your website with helpful blog posts and articles that provide solutions for consumers is how you build brand authority.

As you build up a store of information on your site through your blog, you’re creating pages that Google values as authoritative.

Readers learn you are helpful, too. By adding links to other relevant posts throughout your writing and at the bottom of your articles, you’re upping the odds that readers are going to click through more posts and stay on your site.

You Get Out of Doing the Job

Are you really looking forward to writing another blog post or drawing up the copy for your next brochure? I know I am! Here’s an article I wrote explaining why you may not be the best writer for your website.

Whatever it is you got into business for, it probably wasn’t to write. Even if you don’t mind writing, you probably don’t have time to run your business and write the volume of content necessary to get noticed and stay noticed online.

B2B companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month receive 3.5 times the amount of traffic as companies that publish four or fewer posts per month. For B2C companies, the increased traffic jumps to 4.5 times more for those companies that post 16 or more times per month.

Yes, I realize I just told you that old blog posts are the bomb, and you should also blog like a madman all month long. You can relax. Unless you are a news agency or something similar where fast-breaking information is your bread and butter, you probably don’t need to publish 16 blog posts a month.

You certainly can publish that much. It won’t hurt as long as you’re putting out good content. By and large, however, one or two new blog posts each week are enough to get results for many businesses.

The goal is quality, not quantity. Click To Tweet

A good copywriter provides the quality you need.

Copywriters Care About Commas

How much do you care about commas? A lot? A little? Do you own a book with a chapter discussing commas?

I mean, would you stop what you’re doing and dive into a research session just to make sure you’ve got a comma placed correctly? Would you just glance over the first snippet on Google for the answer, or would you actually click on more than one website for your comma research to make sure you’ve got the correct advice?

Nobody cares about commas like #copywriters care about commas. Click To Tweet

The same goes for sinister semicolons, fickle hyphens and dreaded apostrophes. Nobody cares about these things like a trained, professional copywriter.

Nobody except Google, that is. Google’s search engine expert Matt Cutts has said misspellings and bad grammar can hurt your rankings.

Copywriters Help You Get Out of Your Own Way

You really can be too close to your work. Many times, clients give me copy they wrote that reads like an instruction manual or an encyclopedia entry. (For you youngsters, encyclopedias were like Wikipedia printed out.)

These clients simply needed someone to play interference for them. Or rather, their customers needed someone who could translate the technical jargon and insider knowledge into digestible, knowable information.

The first thing a good copywriter will do is figure out who your audience is so she can write for them specifically.

Blog posts are written for readers who are at various stages in the buyer’s journey. Some posts, such as the compounding posts mentioned above, have only one job: to draw eyeballs to your website. Other posts and articles use more persuasive language and are designed to be read by people who are nearing the purchasing point. 

Copywriters understand readers are at different points during the purchasing process. They create writing specifically designed to be of most value at each of those points.

#Copywriting is business communication at its most relevant! Click To Tweet

I’ve got more reasons businesses should hire a copywriter to help them succeed online than you’ve got time. It always boils down to this:

The best way to get the high-quality content you need is to hire a copywriter who understands your business and knows how to communicate with your customers.

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