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Before you sign on the dotted line, almost everything is negotiable, so don’t feel limited by what I’ve written here.

I simply want to be open and forthright about my processes in working with you. I’ve listed some of the provisions I’ve found make for a successful working arrangement.

These provisions supplement those agreed to in an Agreement for Copywriting Services, which will be sent to you for review and signature after we discuss the content you need me to write.

Content Guarantees

-Satisfaction Guarantee. Writing is subjective. Grammar and punctuation typically are less so. Regardless of how amazing and well-written the content I write, it may still require revisions to nail down exactly what you want. Open communication is key during this process. If you give me detailed feedback, revisions will be swift and productive.

I will revise your content for no cost up to two times within fourteen (14) days from the date I send you the content. After you’ve approved your order, free revisions will not be permitted.

-Copyright. You own the copyright in full upon your payment for and acceptance of the work. I do not request publishing rights or resell your content to anyone else at any time.

-Original Content. I guarantee that all content written by me is 100% original. I provide attributions and/or citations to any resources quoted within the content.

Writing Policy

-Revisions Policy. Included in the cost of every order is a free, two-revision allowance if requested within 14 days of the draft of the content being sent to you. I will revise your content at no cost for up to two revision requests if it falls specifically under 1) poor grammar and typos (not a likely scenario), or 2) misunderstanding of topics and/or wrong information.

Sometimes we need to communicate more to get a better idea of what you need. I cannot provide full rewrites for free. It is my policy to not make free revisions beyond 14 days after I send you the content. If you request more than two revisions, you may need to pay a 15% revision fee. I will evaluate revision circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

-Refund Policy. Instead of refunds, I a) offer to fully revise the work until it meets your expectations, within two rounds of revisions (which, by the way, has always been sufficient). Once your order is placed and paid for, refunds are not given. Discretion will apply to specific inquiries. I will review each refund request individually on a case-by-case basis.

-Quality. If you find grammar and quality issues in your content, I will revise it at no cost within a 14-day window from the date I send you the complete content.

-Copyright. The copyright of content legally belongs to me, the author, until you pay for the work. Upon receipt of payment, the copyright is legally relinquished to you. If payment is ever withdrawn for work you’ve already received, you no longer own the copyright to that content and it will be considered a stolen copyright.

-Client Approval. Approval of work must take place within 14 days after I send the work to you. I am under no obligation to meet any revisions requests made outside of the 14-day window. If I do not hear from you within 14 days after I send you the content, your approval is implied and deemed final. Explicit final approval can be given in the form of a written email, phone conversation, or chat message. Upon approval of the work, you accept responsibility for any further processes in which this work is used (i.e., distribution, film output, printing, etc.). I am not responsible for errors occurring during these processes or projects related to any work after final approval of the content.

-Cancellation. Upon written or verbal cancellation of any project, you are responsible for payment of all expenses incurred and any work done toward the completion of the project based on the percentage of project completed. Should you cancel the project following its completion, you are responsible for full payment.

Payment and Collection

-Payment Policy. I require an initial upfront down payment for every order, including all new clients on initial projects and all ongoing clients on any retainer basis. Work will commence upon receipt of the down payment. Exceptions to the upfront payment requirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with payment due in full within 30 days of your final approval of the content.

-Order Refund Policy. I do not offer content order purchase refunds. (See satisfaction guarantee for more.)

-Google DMCA & Withdrawn Payment. If full payment is not made within 30 days of final approval of the content, or if at any time payment is withdrawn (credit card claims, etc), I reserve the right to file a DMCA. Google takes stolen SEO and copyright claims very seriously. Read more about the Google DCMA. Without full payment to me, you are holding content that does not legally belong to you.